No Code Subject
61 BiS525 Advanced Neuroscience
60 BiS531 Bioinformatics
59 BiS551 Medical Image Processing
58 BM501 Current Topics of Biomedical Research
57 BM502 General Clinical Medicine
56 BM503 Biomedical Cell BiologyⅠ
55 BM504 Biomedical Cell BiologyⅡ
54 BM521 Human Anatomy and Physiology
53 BM522 Human Pathology
52 BM523 Neurobiology
51 BM524 Experimental Animals
50 BM525 Genetics of Cancer
49 BM526 Applied Clinical Science
48 BM527 Pathology of Laboratory Animals
47 BM528 Biomedical Molecular Biology
46 BM529 Biology of Disease
45 BM530 Molecular & Cellular Biology of Cancer
44 BM531 Bioanalytical Technology
43 BM545 Stem Cell Biology
42 BM553 Advanced Cellular and Molecular Immunology
41 BM610 Techniques of Laboratory Animal
40 BM701 Special Topics in Biomedical Sciences
39 BM702 Special Topics in Biomedical Engineering
38 BM711 Cellular and Molecular Immunology
37 BS516 Advanced Genetics
36 BS524 Advanced Molecular Biology
35 BS525 Gene Expression
34 BS526 Molecular Virology
33 BS536 Environmental Toxicology
32 BS624 Protein Chemistry and Engineering
31 BS626 Nucleic Acid Biochemistry
30 BS628 Biological Membranes
29 BS671 Advanced Animal Cell Engineering
28 BS711 Bioinformatics
27 BS722 Biochemistry of Carcinogenesis
26 BS742 Molecular Cell Biology
25 CBE662 Bioseparation Processes Engineering
24 CBE664 Process for Recombinant Microorganisms
23 CH581 Advanced Biochemistry
22 CH610 Structure Biochemistry
21 CH782 Special Topic in Biochemistry I
20 CH783 Special Topic in Biochemistry II
19 EE535 Digital Image Processing
18 EE682 Intelligent Control Theory
17 EE737 Imaging Systems
16 MAE510 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
15 MAE521 Viscous Fluid Flow
14 MAE530 Advanced Mechanics of Solids
13 MAE561 Linear System Control
12 MAE642 Medical Biomechanics