Mission & Vision

About GSMSEMission & Vision

Our department aims to understand the fundamental mechanisms of human diseases and to deliver new insights in the field of biomedical science that change the course of biology and medicine. The mission of our department is to educate and train young scientists from various background (such as Medicine, Life Science and Engineering) to lead tomorrow's biomedical research by bridging the gap between basic research and clinical medicine.

To this end, KAIST GSMSE have two education programs,
(1) GSMSE (Graduate School of Medical Science and Engineering) for PhD training of physician scientists (medical doctors, dentists and oriental medical doctors are eligible) and
(2) BSEIP (Biomedical Science and Engineering Interdisciplinary Program) for PhD training students with life-science/natural-science/engineering background. These two programs were distinguished for administrative reasons and two education programs are mostly equivalent.

Our department offers interdisciplinary opportunities for education and research. The excellent faculties of our department provide a stimulating environment for many fields of biomedical science, such as Genomics, Neuroscience, Cancer biology, Immunology, Metabolism, Structural Biology and Vascular Science, just name a few. GSMSE also allows students to choose a particular mentor (professor) in any laboratory or department in KAIST thereby offering students unparalleled freedom and opportunities for individualized research training.