[6/5 Seminar Notice] Holger Gerhardt, Ph.D.(Professor, Max-Delbrueck-Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC)), Guillermo Oliver, Ph.D.(Professor, Northwestern University)
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It is a notice for the seminar of Graduate School of Medical Science and Engineering (GSMSE) &

BioMedical Science and Engineering Interdisciplinay Program (BSEIP).
Please refer to the following information.


[ GSEMSE Special Seminar ]


 ▪ Date: 2019. 6. 5. (Wednesday), PM 16:00 – 18:00
 ▪ Venue: #1111, BioMedical Research Bldg.
 ▪ Inquiry: Prof. Gou Young Koh (Tel. 350-5638)




Holger Gerhardt, Ph.D.

(Professor, Max-Delbrueck-Center

for Molecular Medicine (MDC))

Shaping and breaking symmetry in vascular networks

  Guillermo Oliver, Ph.D.

  (Professor, Northwestern University)


The quest to identify biomarkers for lymphatic disorders



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