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In modern medical science, including immunology and stem cells research, it is important to acquire technology for cellular analysis and cellular separation at the single cell level. Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) must be used to extract specific proteins or conduct cellular separation in a single cell using fluorescent materials. GSMSE and the BioMedical Research Center are each equipped with FACS machines for cellular analysis and cellular separation. The BD LSR II shows the excitation of eight fluorochromes for cellular analysis, and the BD Aria II is the latest model for cellular separation.

8형광을 한번에 검출할 수 있는 분석용 Flow cytometer
BD Aria ll
최신의 세포분리용 Flow cytometer

Genetic transformation, commonly tested in mice and drosophila, has become essential today. GSMSE and the BioMedical Research Center offer facilities to produce transgenic mice and boast a vast library of drosophila with genetic defects.

Mouse Facility

Many biomedical studies are conducted based on sample observations. Among the many instruments available, confocal microscopes are widely used these days for various purposes. Students and faculty have access to a variety of confocal microscopes at GSMSE and the BioMedical Research Center. In addition, the tissue pathology center allows basic H&E staining of various tissue samples for phenotypic analysis in symptom model animals including transgenic mice.

Confocal Microscope

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) has long been utilized in the various research fields including material science, nanotechnology and semiconductor research as well as biology and medical science. Researches with TEM could give insight into diverse biological processes ranging from the 3D spatial arrangement of macromolecular protein complexes to how they form functional organelles, cells, and tissues. To elucidate structures, dynamics and functions of macromolecular protein complexes related to the numerous human diseases such as neuronal disease, cancer and immune disease

we have recently established Bio-TEM facility in Bio Medical Research Center (Building E7). The instruments in Bio-TEM facility are a Tecnai G2 spirit TWIN (120kV, from FEI) mounted large CCD camera (Eagle 4K High sensitivity), Vitrobot (from FEI) for cryo-sample preparation, cryo-transfer Holder (from Gatan) for CryoEM and ultramicrotome for thin section of cell and tissue. It would be a great pleasure to share our Bio-TEM facility with many KAIST people for the interdisciplinary research

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Tecnai™ Spirit TEM (FEI)
Leica EM FC7